Vance Museum - Miscellany









Underwood-Miller Periphemera

A collection of ephemera circa 1985 purchased from Chuck Miller.

Mazarian the Magician by Steve Smith

A 17 page comic based on The Dying Earth.

A Letter to Hans van der Veeke

Dated April 16, 1999.

Marune.exe by Eric Halsey

An interactive simulator of the diurnal modes of the planet Marune, from September 2000.

Vance, Magic and Wonder: A Study of Jack Vance's Fantasy Works
by Joe Schwab

Master's thesis published through the Graduate School of Stephen F. Austin State University.

A profile of the master by Carlo Rotella.

Typesetter's pages for The Dark Side of the Moon published by Underwood-Miller.

Roy Squires's catalog of Vance manuscripts.

Two preliminary studies of deodands by Jack Gaughan.

Vance marriage notices in a newspaper from 1946.

Miscellaneous Vance mentions in a newspaper from 1941.

A signed letter in Norma's hand as dictated by Vance sent in 1998.

Essays about Lyonesse and other stories.

Jack Vance was guest of honor at the 1992 Magicon. These are scans of Progress Report #2 with essays about Vance.