Vance Museum - Books - A Room To Die In

The first image is the front cover of the uncorrected proof of the first hardcover edition, published in 1987 by Kinnell in England. The date typed on the cover page is 28th September 1987. This is one of only two proofs issued for this title, the first book published by Kinnell. They issued two proofs for their next two books, and then discontinued the practice.

This proof is typeset. The other proof for this title is the bound galley sheets. The cover of that one is plain, or I would post a scan of it here.

This is a letter of authentication from Richard Lewis, part owner of Kinnell Publications. He states that these two proofs are the only ones ever issued by Kinnell. In this he was mistaken, as two proofs exist for The Madman Theory as well, and probably for their third book. A letter of provenance is important, but should not necessarily be taken as gospel.